Socialpire YouTube

Full-featured YouTube automation software. Automatically comment on videos, rate videos, upvote comments, subscribe to channels, and more. Includes a built-in scraper, rank tracker, and keyword analyzer.


We make it easy to fully automate your growth on YouTube and drive traffic to your channel or website.

Powerful Task System

Simple by default, but powerful enough to handle complex use cases. Supports multi-threading, delays, account groups, account/video limits, and many more advanced features.

Easy Account Management

Built to help you manage thousands of accounts with ease. Supports automatic and manual logins, bulk updating account information, and grouping accounts for organization and tasks.

No Fingerprints

Each account is managed with its own unique fingerprint and is automated using HTTP or a real browser for natural looking automation.

Post and Upvote Comments

Supports video and community post commenting/upvoting. You can set it up to reply to specific comments, one of the top comments, and much more.

Rate Videos

Like or dislike videos to bring improve video keyword ranking and bring in new subscribers.

Subscribe to Channels

Increase your subscriber count to draw in more real viewers and improve channel authority.

Keyword and Channel Sources

Automatically find and add videos to your tasks using keywords and or YouTube channels. You can even set filters.

Account Ager

Simulate human-like activity on your account(s) to increase its trust score and authority.

Built-in Proxies

We support and recommend using your own proxies, however, we also provide proxies for all accounts that do not have one assigned.

Login Challenge Support

We support all passable login challenges like recovery email, recovery phone number, etc. We also support 2FA through our manual login feature.

Video Scraper

Scrape and filter videos from YouTube's search, YouTube channels, and YouTube's trending page. Supports all languages and 94 countries.

Keyword Analyzer

Get keyword and tag suggestions for your videos. This tool also provides stats that can be used to determine what keyword densities are effective, and how difficult ranking for the keyword is.

Video Rank Tracker

Easily track keyword rankings and video statistics for all of your videos.

Multi-Channel Support

Accounts with multiple channels are supported. This is mostly useful for commenting.

Spintax Support

Create unique comments with our spintax support. Also includes support for nested spintax.

Getting started is easy

Our support can also help with you get started. Open a support ticket if you have any questions.


Add your accounts

Quickly add and authenticate your accounts individually or by importing them.


Create a task

Simple tasks can be created in just 2-3 clicks. We also make it easy to setup tasks for more complex use cases.


Add your videos/comments

Add your inputs. Videos, comments, channels, etc. Depends on the task. You can also do this automatically using features like video sources.

Pricing & Plans



  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 5 Threads
  • 50 Account Ager Slots
  • 1 Keyword Source
  • 10 Channel Sources
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  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 8 Threads
  • 100 Account Ager Slots
  • 5 Keyword Sources
  • 25 Channel Sources
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  • Unlimited Accounts
  • 15 Threads
  • 250 Account Ager Slots
  • 30 Keyword Sources
  • 50 Channel Sources
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Is it working and up to date?

Yes. We charge a monthly fee and only sell monthly subscriptions so our software will always be up to date. It has been continously updated for over 4 years without a single day of downtime.

What are threads?

Threads are used within tasks to set speed. More threads equals faster processing. If you need hundreds/thousands of actions per minute, we recommend purchasing a plan with more threads.

What are account ager slots?

You can add and manage an unlimited number of accounts, however, only a limited number of accounts can have the account ager feature enabled. You can change which accounts have it turned on at any time.

What are keyword and channel sources?

This feature allows you to fully automate your tasks by constantly scanning keywords and channels for new videos to comment/upvote on.

Have more questions? Contact our support